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Join our freelance sales team and be part of the exciting world of Tiny Homes and ADU Homes!

This is your opportunity to become a part of our company and earn commissions for every unit sold.

Our partner

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In our factory located in Kissimmee, Florida, we build small homes that have become a growing trend in the real estate market. These Tiny Homes and ADU Homes offer an affordable, sustainable, and flexible alternative for those seeking a more minimalist lifestyle with a lower environmental impact.

If you are a broker and have a great team of realtors under your supervision, we can provide training sessions on our products to enhance their offerings and significantly increase their commissions.


We offer training sessions either at our factory or online to educate on the business and how to capture leads using our Casareleads application. Find your ideal customer in this vast market.

Contact us today and start your journey as an official Casarella seller!

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