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Who are we

Hello everyone! 🙌 Here's Nestor, Gonzalo, and Victoria greeting you.

We wanted to make a brief introduction about who we are and what we do. There's a lot we have to share, but we'll try to give you a brief overview of what Casarella Tiny is about.

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👉 Our origins in house construction date back to 2009 when Nestor founded Casarella in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since that year, we have been building turnkey houses for families who want their home in Steel frame with great service.

For years we have been studying the tiny movement, which is why in 2018 we became the first company in Argentina to build Tiny Homes.

We are passionate about building houses in Steel frame, which is why we expanded and opened a branch of Casarella in the USA in 2020.

At our factory in Kissimmee, we design and build different types of projects, metal structure kits for houses, group up construction, and our beloved Tiny homes on wheels.

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We have a great team of architects, engineers, designers, marketing and administrative staff who work day by day to achieve our clients dreams.

We invite you to our factory to talk about your project! 🏡🤍

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