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Casarella Tiny Think Small Living Big

Living big in a Casarella Tiny home!
We design and build your home on wheels.

Living, guest home, in-law suite and short rent. Generate your income and reduce your mortgage!

Financing available now. Look at the financing options!


Tiny Brisa 20'


Down payment $30,000

Bedrooms 1 in loft

Sizes 245 Sq Ft


Tiny 24'


Down payment $31,000

Bedrooms 2

Sizes 276 Sq Ft


Tiny T 28'


Down payment $35,000

Bedrooms 2

Sizes 444 Sq Ft

*Calculated at 7.42% interest with a 6 year term. Estimated monthly payment includes insurence, loan fees, delivery costs and sales tax. Loan fees, delivery costs (in Florida) and sales tax will vary state by state. Monthly payment does not include registration fees or property taxes.

You can live it, you can rent it, you will love it!
Casarella Tiny makes it possible!

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