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Work in progress!

Watch the magic unfold from the very beginning in our latest reel 🎥✨!

With approved design plans by Noah, the construction of this fantastic Tiny Home has begun! The arrival of the trailer at our factory marked the start of this incredible project. 🌟

This is a one-bedroom Tiny Home on the ground floor, featuring a bathroom, kitchen, dining area and living space. Witness the creation of the custom-designed, galvanized steel structure, showcasing the durability and quality that goes into building a dream Tiny Home.

This behind the scenes look includes the labor to install the #SteelFrame structure, the dry-in process, exterior sheathing and window installation - all tailored specifically for our client. 🏡💪

Stay tuned for upcoming videos to see the progress and execution of this bespoke project in action!

You can see the reel in this link


📲 689 677 2977

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