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Tiny Homes Community

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Where do I put my Tiny Home? 🏡🌳 That's a big question our customers often ask, and today we're sharing some ideas! 🙌🏼 👇🏼

📍Backyard or Land

According to county regulations, you can place your Tiny behind a main house or on an empty plot of land. Many folks are interested in having a Tiny Home as a partner-in-law house, for their kids, or for renting out. It's a smart way to boost your monthly income and manage your main house mortgage more comfortably.

📍Tiny Home Communities

Communities vary by state. Some states boast a range of complexes with different amenities. Renting a plot can start from $500, covering all services (Water, sewer, electricity). This option's fantastic if you don't have land to place your home.

📍RV Parks

Parks might not be your first thought, but don't dismiss them without a look. Many private RV parks are adapting to include special arrangements for tiny homes, essentially creating mini tiny home communities within. Research could lead you to some surprising options!

Search for a tiny home community on our Google Maps. Visit our website to explore them! 📍🏡


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