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Certified Homes: quality and assurance combined

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Certified Homes: quality and assurance combined

The importance of having a certified home is enormous! When you purchase a certified Tiny Home on Wheels, you are assured that the construction process has been supervised by an inspector from a certified company, following building codes. It's the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every step of the construction is verified! ✅🏠

How do I know if my builder inspects its tinys? You can contact NOAH, a company that inspects Tiny Homes, to see if your builder is registered in their database. Check out their website too!

Who is the NOAH company? They specialize in Tiny Home inspection of all stages of construction (Trailer + Structure + Dry-In + Insulation + Plumbing, Electricity and A/C + Finishes). 🛠️🏡

How to know if your tiny house is certified? When you get your unit, you should receive a certificate with the trailer's VIN, NOAH stamp number, and manufacturer's name. Also, look for labels on the door frame and electrical panel. 📜✨

Do you want to know more about the inspection process? Check out our YouTube video with Robin, CEO of NOAH! 🎥💡


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