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🏡 Building a Tiny Home: Step by Step! 🛠️

🏡 Building a Tiny Home: Step by Step! 🛠️

Discover how we build our tiny homes, one stage at a time! Join us on this fascinating journey from the trailer to the final touches of the Tiny Home:

All our tiny homes are custom designed, turning our clients' dreams into reality with the drawings from our architecture team. Once the design is defined, we start construction!

1️⃣ Trailer, Frame & Shell: Everything begins with a solid base. Watch how we prepare and assemble the trailer and base structure. We also have a Framecad machine for producing the steel structure of the house, ensuring the structure is precise, high-quality, and durable.

2️⃣ Installations: Electricity and plumbing are set in place.

3️⃣ Insulation: For high or low temperatures, insulation is a very important element; we comply with Florida codes to insulate the roof, walls, and trailer.

4️⃣ Final Touches: From painting to interior finishes, every detail is customized to reflect your unique style.

🎥 Follow each step in our videos and see your future home take shape. 🌟

💬 Are you ready to start your project? Leave us a comment or send us a direct message to schedule your consultation and start designing your own Tiny Home.

Watch the reel here


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