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Step into the cozy  312 SF Tiny Home, where every corner is designed with attention to detail. 

This charming Tiny Home features a cozy downstairs bedroom, a functional bathroom, a well-equipped kitchen, and a spacious living-dining area that's perfect for creating unforgettable memories. With custom finishes, you're invited to personalize your space down to the floor colors, wall huese and kitchen cabinet, ensuring your Tiny Home resonates with your unique taste.


Not quite what you're envisioning? No worries! We're experts at designing custom Tiny Homes tailored precisely to your dreams. Let's collaborate to bring your ideal home to life.


Your dream home is just a decision away.  


Please note, the prices mentioned do not include taxes, loan fees, and delivery charges. 

Tiny Home on wheels 1 Bedroom downstairs - L: 28'

SKU: TH-28002

    • Structure: Built on a sturdy steel frame for durability and safety + Smart Board Vertical Siding LP.
    • Insulation: In the floor, walls and roof.
    • Flooring: Vinyl flooring with a choice of colors to match your style.
    • Colors: Freedom to choose both exterior and interior colors that reflect your personal taste.
    • Bathroom: A full bathroom featuring a toilet, shower box, and vanity with fixtures for a complete home experience.
    • Appliances: Equipped with a cooktop or oven, fridge, heat/cool A/C, and a washer-dryer combo.
    • Kitchen: Complete with kitchen cabinets and a bar table for dining.
  • Financing:

    • Down payment: $35,000
    • 72 Monthly payments of $815* 

    *Based on model Tiny 28' - 1 Bedroom. Calculated at 7.42% interest with a 6 year term. Estimated monthly payment includes loan fees, delivery costs and sales tax (7.5%). Loan fees, delivery costs (Until 100 miles from Kissimmee, Florida) and sales tax will vary state by state.

    Monthly payment does not include registration fees, insurence** or property taxes.

    **Insurance is mandatory. The cost will depend on the location and cost of the tiny home.

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