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Actualizado: 1 dic 2023

It's easy to say, "I can design a tiny home quickly, I don't need any help!" I searched for some ideas online and I'm ready to go.

But we know that designing and building Tiny Homes requires real expertise. For years, we have been designing and building these homes because the true experience lies in the construction process. Many issues arise during the construction that need to be solved on the spot, and this provides valuable experience for future projects (continuous improvement is the key to everything!).

👉Every decision in the Tiny's design has consequences in other spaces. There are few sq ft and many things to design. It's essential to ask ourselves countless questions to reach the final product. That's why understanding the ideal use for your tiny home (living, hosting your parents-in-law, receiving guests, or renting it) is crucial.

Everything must be meticulously thought out from the beginning. That's why, if you're looking to build your custom-designed Tiny Home, don't hesitate to rely on our expertise to make your tiny home perfect.

We're here to assist you every step of the way! 🏡✨

💫 Schedule a meeting at our factory in Kissimmee to discuss your project today!


📲 689 677 2977



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