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What is Casarella Tiny?

At Casarella Tiny, we embrace the idea of living passionately and without constraints.
We are a passionate company that builds Tiny Homes on wheels, Shops & Food, small houses,
and Tiny Home kits in our factory located in Florida.
OUR SECRET? Steel is our canvas, and the
Framecad system is our creative tool.
We are not just builders, but artisans who listen to your desires and turn them into reality. From architectural details to the choice of finishes, each Tiny Home is molded according to your preferences.

Here, the limit is your imagination.

Our benefits


 Exceptional customization. We design each Tiny Home according to your preferences and needs.

Durable quality. We build Tiny Homes using high-quality materials to ensure their longevity.

Mobility and freedom. Enjoy the flexibility of living in a Tiny Home on wheels and exploring new places.

Quick construction. We deliver your Tiny Home within a short timeframe of 30 days, without compromising on quality.

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 Strength and durability. We utilize steel frame construction to provide resilience and durability in challenging conditions.

NOAH certification for construction quality. We are certified by NOAH, guaranteeing construction quality and adherence to superior standards in each Tiny Home.

Innovation with Framecad. We employ the Framecad system for precise and efficient manufacturing.

Exceptional experience. Our commitment is to provide you with a unique and satisfying experience in every project.

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