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Live it, Rent it, Love it

Home Sweet Income

Bella Plus simplifies your daily life, adapting to the demands of the modern family.

Dreamy design 

Bella Plus combines comfort, style, and brightness in an open design, creating warm environments from the kitchen/dining area
to the family room.

Space flexibility

The option to transform the master suite into an independent apartment provides solutions for different family needs, from privacy to the independence of a teenager.

Funcionality and convenience

Equipped with amenities such as a pantry and a specially designed laundry for stackable appliances.

Model Casarella Bella Plus interior

Rental flexibility

Bella Plus adapts to different investment strategies, allowing for renting the entire house, by parts, or living in one part while you’re renting the other one.
ROI 10~14%

Double income

It offers the possibility of generating two separate income streams from a single property, maximizing profitability. ROI 10~14%

Increasing Demand

It responds to the growing demand for smaller rentals and versatile housing solutions, positioning itself as an attractive investment in the current market.

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Bella Plus 1088 sqft Plan Casarella tiny

We have standard models and
we can design custom models!

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